Is our heritage facing a crisis?

According to Sir Richard Fitzherbert of Tissington Hall and Estate fame Britain’s heritage system is in crisis.

In a new Country Land and Business Association report, titled: “Averting Crisis in Heritage: A CLA Report on Reforming a Crumbling System”  the rural watchdog slams the current system of heritage management – which it describes as “dysfunctional”.

The CLA’s recommendations could create a system that would work in practice by allowing owners to focus limited resources on the areas where they would have most effect.

One of the recommendations in the CLA paper calls for changes to the punitive VAT regime which places  20 per cent VAT on repair work to listed buildings. Well when I repair my house I have to pay the 20 per cent and I am not taking an income from showing my home to the public so live with it!

Unfortunately I cannot feel sympathy for someone like Sir Richard who has 40 listed properties according to reports. How many unlisted ones has he? Perhaps selling one or two would make this burden a little less tiresome – what?

Check out Tissington Hall at Peak District View


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