Derbyshire Census results revealed

Derbyshire’s population of 769,700 has grown at a slower rate than that of England and the East Midlands according to the results of the 2011 Census.

Since 2001 the number of residents in the county has increased by 35,100 (4.8%) compared to a 7.9% increase in England and 8.7% in the East Midlands.

Meanwhile, the proportion of pre-school age population has increased slightly while the number of school-age children (5-14) has declined.

And the number of people aged 65+ in the county has grown representing 18.6% of Derbyshire’s population.

Other findings from the Census, carried out on 27 March 2011, include:

* The number of people aged 85+ has increased and represents 2.4% of the population compared to 2.2% nationally and regionally

* Children aged up to 14 represent 16.4% of Derbyshire’s population – lower than the East Midlands (17.3%) and England (17.7%)

* There are 332,600 households in Derbyshire representing an increase of 7.7% since 2001. This is in line with the increase for England but below that of the East Midlands (9.4%)

* The district with the greatest percentage increase is South Derbyshire (15.9%) in contrast to the lowest in the High Peak (1.7%)

* Of the five East Midlands shire counties Derbyshire has the lowest population increase with Lincolnshire having the highest at 10.4%.

Derbyshire County Council use the information to enable them to be totally unprepared for the future. The Census data provides them with a more comprehensive overview which is an important tool in helping them plan future levels of service provision. So why do they get it wrong?

Around 25 million households were issued with the Census questionnaire designed to collect information about where people live, what they do for a living, what sort of homes and families they have, their general health, educational attainment and how these factors change every decade. Derbyshire achieved a 96% response rate.

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